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Your Host Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene begins the show by reflecting on how your behavior, in business, may be reflecting in your pet's behavior. In it she describes herself as a trainer in the show ring, with dogs flown in by their owners, for training and coaching into becoming champions. You'll be surprised at what she learned about the dog parents and how you can learn about your personal relationships with others through their dogs.

Our guest on this show, Denise Mange, is a pet behaviorist, who works not only with typical dog training skills but incorporates life changing techniques such as meditation, chakra work, animal communication, sacred geometry, and pet numerology. She calls it, "Self help for your pet's sake."

Listen in or download the pdf. Either way you'll find what you learn to be enlightening and life changing when looking into the eyes of your pets.

Important Highlights

  • Find out the biggest fallacy in our world
  • Discover how your dog's behavior relates to your own business and lifestyle
  • Get the answer for overcoming aggressive dog behavior
  • Learn the tell-tale signs around you and leadership as seen through your the eyes of your pet
  • Look into identifying your limiting beliefs through pet companion behavior
  • Lean into the answer for why training isn't enough and why

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Self Help For Your Pet's Sake

Shirlene: Hello and welcome back, my friends. I'm so fortunate that you are here with me to discuss this really fun topic that I have for you today. It's all about our pets and our own personal behavior. Did you know that a lot of our very own limiting beliefs show up in our pets? For so many years I trained Manchester Terriers in the show ring. And in fact, I had the top-winning dogs in the nation. People would fly their dogs to me, I lived in Sacramento at the time, from all over the nation because they didn't know how to work with their dogs in a way that would create their championship. So that was my job. Well, not really a job. I kind of volunteered because most of them were my very own bloodline and came from the dog that I so adored at that time in my life and her name was Misty.

She was the top winning brood bitch and the top winning Manchester Terrier. I had a wonderful time learning about dog behavior and I really saw a lot of challenges that came into my home after the dogs arrived off the planes. And I began to see what the individuals were like that own these dogs. And believe it or not, many times I had to tell them that they couldn't even come and watch while I had the dog in the ring, or they could only watch from afar. Because the many bad habits, that the dogs came with, were created by their parents. I thought, how can we parlay this into business and the science of relationships? The reality is it's very easy to do because we can read in the dog's eyes and the dog's behaviors exactly who their parents are. We can also see their limiting beliefs, their fears, and their sadness.

I frequently say that we can't hide, on our faces, what we're feeling inside. it's just not possible. Our actions say exactly who we are in that moment. And of course, as you know, they can change very quickly. But it really helps you read a person when you're in business. If you look into their eyes, you can read what they're experiencing at that time. You can see their fears. You can see their grief. You can see, simply by how they act around you, who they are inside. So if you thought you've been hiding or trying to be invisible, it isn't happening. We can see right through you. We can pick up your energy just like we can with a dog or a dog can with us. And that's why so many dogs have difficulty with living in homes. It's because they don't have good leaders in their home.

If their person is not a good leader, and their person doesn't know how to be a leader, so they have to take control. And that's not a fun thing when the dog takes control. Have you ever noticed that? So today I want to bring you this special person. I have so many people that want to be on my show. I have a lot of respect for all of them, but only some are that very special person that can give us a message that may change our lives. They are the ones who are connected to the universe and how the universe works. And that's why we call this show Ascended Masters At Work.

The universe is what dictates our lives and how we live in it. It also has a big part of how we build relationships. And if truth be told, it also has to do with sales. Can you believe that? Because if you're going to be pushy and demanding and constantly hammering on people to buy, they're going to turn around and snap at you, just like a dog would, and reject you. But on the other hand, if you're loving, caring, kind and heartfelt, then of course they're going to be your new best friend.

So let's talk to this wonderful person that I'm bringing on the show today and let me tell you a little bit about her first. I can tell you for sure that she knows exactly what I'm talking about because after a decade of working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, she left the Glitz and glamour of Madison Avenue to pursue a true sense of fulfillment, which she found working with dogs and they're humans. Upon certification, through traditional dog obedience training programs, she realized there had to be so much more that could be done to honor the connection between the loving pups and their humans.

As a result, this very special person created her own mindful approach to living, connecting with, and training your dog. Her name is Denise Mange. And she has methods that foster true partnerships and heart centered connections that really deepened the compassion and understanding of the lessons your animal companions are here to share with you. And she uses such methods as meditation, Chakra work, animal communication, sacred geometry, and pet numerology in conjunction with the fundamentals of traditional obedience training. You can think of it as self help for your pet's sake. And I know you're going to love this because I loved talking to her when I interviewed her before the show. She is so insightful and so intuitive when it comes to pets. I think you'll be surprised at how much you'll learn in this show. So let me introduce you to Denise Mange.

Hi Denise, I am so excited that you're here with us today because you have some insights that most people don't have at all. What I really love is that you work with the dogs in a way that not only provides regular obedience training, but also you get into their minds and you really think about what it is that they're thinking so that you can support them along with their owners. Now I'm just going to preface this by saying that down here in San Felipe, I think I shared with you that I work with 84 different dogs in the shelter here so that we can place them in homes and I think the biggest challenge that we have is supporting them in overcoming fear. So I'd like you to answer two questions. First of all, how did you start blending Chakra training in with the obedience training? What brought you to that?

Denise: So Shirlene thank you so much for having me on your show, connecting with your listeners. This is just such a great opportunity and it's wonderful the work you do for our furry friends, so thank you so much for that aspect of your contribution to the animals. You know, it's a really interesting story. The way that I brought the chakras into the traditional dog training. We are at a point in time now where our energies are so interconnected and you know, we're at a place where we constantly have to look at things through a holistic picture, right? Think about the way we exercise or we eat. We're a lot more mindful than we used to be. You know, instead of doing like jazzercise, we're moving towards practices like yoga that gives you the, you know, the physical stimulation, but you're also dealing with the mental and spiritual aspects of yourself because we can no longer come from a place of separation. And so the same holds true for humans with their animal companions, right? Our energies are so intertwined that when you look at living, training, or connecting with your animal companion you can't separate traditional training from energy. And the way I came to realize that is, you know, I started with a background in advertising, which in retrospect was a fantastic way to learn more about energy and observation because advertising is all about picking up on trends and motivations and people's unmet needs.

So when I decided advertising was no longer, um, career path I wanted to pursue and I moved into traditional training, I learned all the positive reinforcement techniques. So I learned how to teach a dog how to sit and stay and, you know, manage those unwanted behaviors like barking on leash. But what I started picking up on was that the training wasn't enough in a lot of circumstances. So if we did everything right, quote unquote, from a training standpoint. But we still didn't see shifts in the animal companions behaviors. I started picking up on the energetic trends behind the situation. So, you know, whenever I was called in for a dog with on leash reactivity, I started noticing that there was a lot of turmoil in the household. Um, maybe the pet parent was between jobs or they didn't feel secure in their relationship with their partner or their children. So I started realizing that we had to address a lot more than just the traditional aspect of training and that's where the shockers came in. With the chakras it was really quite fascinating because the chakras had been with me since high school. I grew up in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, so we're very adept at energy and talking about energies and we're very open to that part of life. So I actually became certified in a Reiki when I was in high school. So I learned all about the chakras and there are different themes and where they were located on the body. So as I started working with pet parents, more one on one and more closely, I started realizing that a lot of the universal themes associated with the human chakras started contributing to the pet behaviors. So in my work I created a beautiful roadmap that maps out pet behaviors against chakras and the universal themes they carry so that we can start more easily addressing the emotional component to your animal companions training.

You know, Denise, I love something that you said and that is training isn't enough. I've found out in the shelter that there's so much more than just the training. There's building trust, there's overcoming fears, there's dealing with interactions with people and then there's dealing with interactions with dogs, other dogs. I have found that people are the same way when I'm trying to teach them how to get on media and really make an impact. All those same fears come up as what I see in the animals, which is kind of funny, and I think that the many years of dog show and training dogs has supported me in training the people, the business owners that I work with because it's all about the psyche before they can step into their role. Don't you agree?

Denise: It is and you illustrated the point so beautifully that our animal companions are mirrors for our own energetic terrain and because they are some of our most intimate relationships in our lives. You know, they see us at our most joyful, at our most vulnerable. We open ourselves up to our animal companions in a way that we don't necessarily do around other humans for fear of judgment. Read more...

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