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Founder, Kerry Fitzmaurice was poised to open the first plant-based, vegan Pure Grit BBQ restaurant in Greenwich Village and Covid had other plans. Ms. Fitzmaurice pivoted, put the commercial smoker bought for the restaurant into storage and took the restaurant’s recipes, sauces and rubs online. Specialty retailers in NYC, along the East Coast and in various parts of the country have started carrying the products. Web: https://www.puregritbbq.com Follow: @puregritbbq They were recently featured in the NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/01/dining/pure-grit-bbq-sauce.html Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian AND loves grilling and BBQ – just in time for grilling season Pure Grit BBQ’s Complete Vegan BBQ Kit (available on the Pure Grit BBQ website.) The kit includes The BBQ Sauce, The Hot Sauce pepper sauce and BBQ Blend Dry Rub. The products are Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free Gift and are small batch produced and packaged in NYC. (Pricing & Links provided below) For those of us that know and love BBQ, it’s more than turning on the smoker or the grill - it’s all about the flavor. The Pure Grit BBQ Essentials are also made to blend by combining with other condiments for sauce combos including tangy dips, dressing and take-out toppers....those recipes are also on our website under sauces. Pure Grit BBQ’s Complete Vegan BBQ Kit: The kit includes The BBQ Sauce, The Hot Sauce pepper sauce and BBQ Blend Dry Rub. The products are Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free Gift and are small batch produced and packaged in NYC. Pure Grit BBQ was created for plants and, is good on everything. Visit the Pure Grit BBQ website for delicious BBQ essentials and recipes to help you pile more plants on your plate. www.puregritbbq.com The Flavors: The BBQ Sauce is the taste of New York. It does not lean into any specific BBQ region. There is no heavy sweetness, just a touch of agave, no hot heat, just a glimmer and no smoky flavor. Just simple quality ingredients that yield a delicious, premium BBQ sauce that appeals to all palettes. It is our hope that you combine our BBQ sauce with your favorite condiments to make it your own. From the smoker, to the grill, to endless dips and dressings, we think The BBQ Sauce is the ideal ketchup replacer. The Hot Stuff is hot without burning you out. No ghost peppers here. It pairs perfectly with The BBQ sauce to turn up the heat. We pour it on everything from BBQ to Just Eggs to hummus. Because it is thicker and milder than other hot sauces, it can be used liberally and adds depth and texture to any dish. The Rub is not your normal BBQ rub. Made with many spices including demerara sugar, smoked paprika and smoked salt with a hint of lemon, it will become your go to spice blend. In the kitchen, toss with your veggies before roasting or grilling. We also like to add some to bread dough, on pizzas and even popcorn. The Background: Kerry Fitzmaurice is a serial entrepreneur and marketer, who is also vegan. A few years ago, she was at South By Southwest in Austin, TX with her team and they wanted to go out for Texas BBQ. Ms. Fitzmaurice was hungry in Austin, TX when she came up with the idea for Pure Grit BBQ. As a plant-based eater, she felt excluded from BBQ, she didn't want to be sidelined to salads and * on a menu. For Kerry, BBQ is a rich culinary experience that was exclusive to meat eaters. She wanted to create an experience that was equally as rich but glorified vegetables and alternative proteins - a brand that appeals to all palettes, one that is inclusive and approachable. She wants to inspire you to pile more plants on our plate all while enjoying the delicious flavors of BBQ. Originally slated to open as a plant-based BBQ joint in NYC’s Greenwich Village, Covid had other plans. Kerry took the restaurant’s recipes online, found a small batch artisanal producer and bottler, as well as a fulfillment house and began packaging Pure Grit’s BBQ Essentials: the BBQ Sauce, Hot Stuff and Rub. Kerry grew up on a commune. After graduating University of Michigan and Yale, Kerry started her career as an environmental economist but her creativity drew her to the entertainment industry and advertising where she has spent the last 25 years. She is back to her roots with Pure Grit improving the health of the planet and people. 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