Myanmar Insights: Emerging from decades of military rule to democracy: Asian Insider Ep 14


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Asian Insider Ep 14: Myanmar Insights - Emerging from decades of military rule to democracy

14:25 mins

Synopsis: This is Asian Insider, a series by The Straits Times every week. Together with our stable of 30 correspondents based around the world, we give an Asian perspective on the global talking points of the week.

Myanmar emerged from decades of military rule in 2011, but in many senses it has failed to live up to the promises of democracy.

Are there grounds for optimism? Being ill-prepared for climate change makes optimism difficult.

In this edition of Asian Insider, The Straits Times US bureau chief Nirmal Ghosh is joined by historian, author and conservationist Thant Myint-U to discuss the insights in his latest book on Myanmar.

Produced by: Nirmal Ghosh & Irshad M

Edited by: Irshad M & Rubeen Raj

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