Transforming Childhood Trauma to a Powerful Purpose With Melissa Shrestha And Deepak Sharma


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Our childhood experiences shape who we become and how we see the world around us as we become adults. For Asian children growing up in Western communities, these experiences can easily become confusing and even traumatic. Today’s guests, Melissa Shrestha and Deepak Sharma, join Kimchi Chow to share their childhood experiences that ultimately influenced their present advocacies. Deepak is the Founder of Volition Academy, a breakthrough educational consulting company for teens and young adults. Melissa is set to launch her new podcast, Asian Girl Movement, which aims to create stronger bonds within the female community. Both Deepak and Melissa underwent what many other Asian children in Western countries do – rebelliousness, parenthood issues, internalized racism, and the struggle to find their identity in a world where they don’t seem to fit in. How did they turn their lives around from this? Open up your mind and join in.

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