What it Takes to Be a National Champion with Erica Carney – Ask a Cycling Coach 306


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Erica Carney is one of the all-time best American crit racers, but her goal of winning a pro national criterium championship took years of hard work to achieve. Tune in as we answer your questions about tactics, bike handling and more, and discuss what Erica did to improve her tactics and abilities each year to finally win the 2017 Women’s Pro Criterium National Championship.------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE

00:12 - Erica’s cycling achievements

1:24 - Reflecting on working towards a national championship

3:56 - Doubting her ability to win national crit championships

5:50 - The lessons learned through experience

8:30 - How Erica got started racing

9:50 - How track racing helped with crit skills

11:14 - Specific skills and the difference in training from track to road

13:12 - Learning to train more effectively

14:48 - Shifting responsibilities to be an effective teammate and mentor

17:47 - Erica’s favorite courses

19:14 - Team support vs. individual success

22:06 - Training without power

23:45 - Efficiency and her skills as a sprinter

26:38 - Pre-riding the course and strategizing the finish

27:28 - Practical training and Erica’s favorite workouts

29:28 - Listener Questions: Body type and large fields

32:46 - Being nervous in large fields

34:21 - Tactics for small vs. large fields

35:50 - Racing solo against teams

38:01 - Racing multiple events in a day

40:48 - Cornering, braking, and line choice

45:46 - Training tactics and techniques

47:35 - The ideal final 3 laps of a race

49:29 - What does Erica wish she did more of during her career?



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