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Santa Cruz Bicycle’s Keegan Swenson joins us to discuss how he recaptured the White Rim FKT and to discuss how pro athletes manage expectations over a multi-year development plan, how to maintain motivation and consistency, pedaling technique, bike tech and much more.

---------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE Intro 0:00​ New TrainerRoad Android and iOS apps! 2:43​ TrainerRoad’s new Polarized Training plans! 4:28​ Adaptive Training update and common questions 6:10​ How Keegan Swenson recaptured the White Rim FKT 12:42​ What we can learn from how pro athletes manage expectations 50:11​ How to avoid low-quality foods during high training volume 1:11:37​ The biggest differences between the Santa Cruz Blur and Pivot Mach 4 SL 1:25:09​

How to choose the right length dropper post 1:27:05​ Why don’t cyclists use %FTP instead of power on their head units? 1:33:45​ How to keep your head warm on cold rides 1:34:48​ Should you estimate TSS for weight training? 1:37:34​ Which pedals are best for both road and MTB 1:49:36​ How to find the best width handlebar for mountain biking? 1:43:26​

How to maintain motivation and consistency through a season of training 1:57:05​

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