A Power Meter Deep Dive with Special Guest 4iiii's Scott Cooper – Ask a Cycling Coach 229


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Special Guest 4iiii's Scott Cooper joins the team to discuss all things power meters, including how power meters are made, calibration, and what the future of power meters may look like. Tune in to hear Scott's insights in episode 229 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: • What is inside a power meter? • How are power meters calibrated in the factory? • The difference between zero offset and calibration • What makes carbon harder to install a power meter on? • How does temperature affect the zero offset of a power meter? • The future of cycling power meters More training questions answered here: bit.ly/Training-Questions-Help-Center ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ONLY PODCAST DEDICATED TO MAKING YOU A FASTER CYCLIST Each week Coach Chad Timmerman, Coach Jonathan and TrainerRoad’s CEO Nate Pearson gather to answer queries submitted from athletes around the globe, as well as dish about their latest training experiments, discoveries and tips. Subscribe to the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast: www.trainerroad.com/podcast ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals • Get started today: bit.ly/Get-Faster-TrainerRoad • Download the TrainerRoad app: bit.ly/Download-TrainerRoad • Browse training plans: bit.ly/TR-Training-Plans ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TRAINERROAD • Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrainerRd • Instagram: www.instagram.com/TrainerRoad • Twitter: www. twitter.com/TrainerRoad • Strava Club: www.strava.com/clubs/TrainerRoad

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