ASF 009: Pedro Lopes interview


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Pedro Lopes is a Senior Program Manager in the Database Systems Group, based in Redmond, WA, USA. He over 15 years of industry experience. He is currently responsible for Program Management of database engine features for in-market versions of SQL Server, with special focus on the Relational Engine.
He also works closely with several Tier 1 SQL Server customers, as well as partners in the field, to understand and gather information about product usage and feedback to drive improvements into the product. Prior to this role, he was a Premier Field Engineer based in Europe for several years.
He has deep understanding and experience in various features of the product spanning several versions of SQL Server, starting with SQL Server 7 and up to and including SQL Server 2016.
This talk has taken place during PASS Summit in Seattle, WA, on 3rd November 2017 (Friday).
Why working for the Tiger Team is so fascinating? Why Pedro started to love the data? How to start to be a community leader? Is sharing knowledge an important thing? What does Pedro proud of the most?
Check these answers out in this episode.

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