ASF 010: Dejan Sarka interview


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Dejan Sarka, MCT and SQL Server MVP, is an independent trainer and consultant that focuses on the development of database & business intelligence applications. Besides projects, he spends about half of the time on training and mentoring. He is the founder of the Slovenian SQL Server and .NET Users Group. Dejan Sarka is the main author or co-author of sixteen books about databases and SQL Server. Dejan Sarka also developed many courses and seminars for Microsoft, SolidQ and Pluralsight.
This talk has taken place during SQL Saturday in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 9th December 2017 (Saturday).
What is Dejan's favourite sports and which one he cannot plays?
How many MVPs were in the world when Dejan was given the title?
Check out his last book and find out what he called as a bullshit? Without what he cannot start each day?
Check these answers out in this episode.

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