ASF 015: Kalen Delaney interview


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Kalen Delaney has been working with SQL Server since 1987 when she joined the Sybase Corporation in Berkeley, California. Kalen has an independent international trainer and consultant since 1992. She has been a SQL Server MVP since 1993 and has been writing about SQL Server almost as long. Kalen has spoken at dozens of technical conferences, including every PASS conference in the US and multiple TechEd events in both the US and Europe. Kalen is the author or co-author of many books on SQL Server, including the series about SQL Server Internals.
This talk has taken place during SQLDay conference in Wroclaw (Poland), on 16th May 2018 (Wednesday).
Interviewers: Kamil Nowinski & Damian Widera.
Why we have the #SQLFamily so great?
How long did take Kalen to update the book about SQL Server 7.0? What is Kalen's advice about starting in IT market?
Who did thanks to Kalen more times in the last three weeks than in the last few years? What kind of things Kalen loves to repair?
Do you know the story about @sqlqueen twitter handle? You'll find all answers out over here.

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