ASF 021: Guy in a Cube interview (part 1)


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Do you want to know why actually YouTube?
What tool Adam does use for post-production?
Why the very first movies were like "awful"?
Who has been scared to death and why?
What were the circumstances of joining Patrick to the team and what's fun fact related to his name?
And finally: how did the YOOO become a hallmark - get know the entire story about it.
Guy in a Cube is all about helping you master business analytics on the Microsoft Business analytics stack to allow you to drive business growth.
They are just two guys that do the work.
Adam & Patrick look at how to leverage Microsoft Business Analytics to allow you to gain knowledge that is needed to shape the data your business cares about. This includes Power BI, Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Excel. If you work with our business analytics products or services, be sure to subscribe and join in the discussion with their weekly content on YouTube channel.
Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc are Microsoft employees.
This talk has taken place during SQLBits 2019 in Manchester (UK) on 28th February 2019 (Thursday).
Interviewers: Prathy Kamasani (T), Kamil Nowinski (T).

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