Top Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer From the Inside Out with Dr. Keira Barr


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Dr. Keira Barr, dermatologist, author, and speaker, joins JJ once again as they dive deep into the issue of skin cancer. They cover how often you should check your skin, when to call in expert help, and the things you can do every day to lower your risk of developing skin cancer, including diet, lifestyle, and supplement strategies. Dr. Keira also shares what to look for in a high-quality sunscreen and what to avoid, as well as how and when to apply sunscreen for the best protection. Don’t miss Dr. Keira’s expert tips in integrative skin cancer prevention!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

  1. Skin cancer is the leading form of cancer. Check your skin often to look for irregularity.
  2. Skin cancer likelihood can be reduced by following some simple guidelines. These strategies will protect your skin when used in combination.
  3. Sunscreen is powerful protection. Make sure you’re using the best ingredients and applying it correctly.

Episode Play-By-Play

[4:30] How did Dr. Keira become interested in skin issues?

[6:30] Skin cancer is more prevalent than these other kinds of cancer

[8:40] Types of skin cancer

[9:18] Do this every month

[10:00] The best way to treat melanoma is to catch it early.

[10:30] Who is at higher risk for skin cancer?

[13:00] Is sun damage cumulative?

[15:00] What types of things to look out for when checking your skin

[16:50] Look for the ugly duckling and think ABCDE

[18:39] If you find something concerning, search out a person with these qualifications

[21:05] Are there internal things that can help reduce the risk of skin cancer?

[22:49] This one prevention measure will surprise you

[25:20] Which supplements help with skin protection?

[28:25] Sunscreen protocols

[31:43] Sunscreen ingredients to look for, and to stay away from

Action Steps

  1. Take the Sugar Burner quiz.
  2. Do a naked body skin check.
  3. Apply (and reapply) good sunscreen.

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