What Are Some Good Tips for Healing the Gut Lining?


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It’s time for another Q&A! In today’s episode, JJ answers a question from a listener asking about tips for healing the gut lining. Listen as JJ talks about why it’s important to have a healthy gut lining and the impact of your gut on your overall health. JJ also outlines four steps to heal the gut, including foods to eat and foods to avoid, as well as supplement and lifestyle shifts that can help. Tune in and find out more today.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:45] Why you should care about rebuilding your gut lining

[0:55] Some symptoms of leaky gut

[1:30] The first step in healing your gut lining

[2:43] The second step in building a healthy gut is fiber.

[4:20] Foods that are super helpful in healing the gut microbiome

[4:50] The third step to heal your gut is related to reducing stress.

[5:38] The fourth step is supplementation.

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