Term 2, Lesson 6: When We Get Tired of Walking, Why Can’t We Just Start Flying?


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Are you a very unintelligent child? Of COURSE you are. It's well known by clever adults that you kids know NOTHING.

But don't cry because you won't be unedumacated for much longer. Carrie Quinlan (a VERY clever grown-up) and Andy Stanton (who is also a VERY clever grown-up, thank you, actually) are here to educate the world's children and answer their soft, squashy brain questions using GROWN-UP KNOWLEDGE. It's time to....Ask The Nincompoops!

Today it's a return visit for the rosy-cheeked moppets MACAULEY, KEIRA and INA to be informed and educated by two very clever adults.

This podcast is suitable for all the family!

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