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Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your questions

Getting caught up with Jim and his students.

3:15 Doyo event

8:50 Losing your content

14:48 My Guests are not prepared when I interview them

19:50 Bob Pittman is the Donald Trump of Podcasting

26:4o Moving a Podcast off of a Free Media Host

28:40 Rebranding your show

33:00 ID3 tags are not used in 99% of apps

35:25 "A Very Special" episode that breaks format

39:20 Catalina breaking Mac and apps

40:36 Chapters in Mp3 files?

44:10 Our Awesome Supporters

46:00 Taxes are coming

47:30 November is coming

48:30 Jim is coming to London and wants to meet you!

49: 40 Why Dave hates Flying

52:40 $9 Voice Levelor Plugin (sale)

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