Ep. 287 How To Use Your VOICE To Attract Women


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This is an episode we should have done a LONG time ago because it's all about an essential part of attraction. We all know that communication with others is only 25% through the words we speak and other 85% is done through body language. AND that body language includes your VOICE. Not what you say, but the tone behind your voice.
Your tone of voice can tell a woman instantly that you are confident, cool and great in bed ;)

Our guest on this weeks show is my good friend and vocal/dialect coach Jamison Bryant!
Even if you are a woman you will love this episode.

On this episode we over analyze and dissect:
1. Exactly how to make your voice sound more attractive to women

2. The speed and cadence of a voice that signals CONFIDENCE to women

3. How to approach a woman and what to say to break into conversation

4. How to get out of the friend zone using just your words and tone

And so much more!

Guest: Jamison Bryant

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