Aspiecast Episode 13 - Not knowing if I gave an outburst & my vocal tics issues


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In this episode I mention how I have received sudden anger in conversation with another person, yet I have no idea how the conversation could have caused me to suddenly be treated like I've done somethign wrong.

I suspect I might have unknowlngly or unconscously brought about the anger I received by expressing what may have been strong antagonism after hearing the other party in the conversation say something that I considered fundamentally incorrect. But I am only guessing since I have no recollection of being antagonistic.

In searching for any indications of whether I could have let out some angry comments without being aware, i found the concept of vocal tics, and became aware that I suffered frome these for at least several years from 4th to 7th grade, and got very embarassed because I didn't have the control over my noises and in some cases didnt realize I was making noises.

I got over the vocal part, but still suffer to this day from a sniffling version of vocal tics, for at least the last 17 years. It isn't constant but I do find that when I am in a situation where anxiety is present in my body, I start sniffling every minute or more, and most of the time I dont realize I am doing it. People I am interacting with start asking me on a regular basis if I have allergies or a cold.

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