Aspiecast Episode 17 - Prosody, Alone-ness, Trying to Give Value to get Valued


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In this episode, I discuss various aspects that probably sound disconnected at first, but the overall frame in my mind is the idea that I don't like to be alone (it hurts a lot for some reason), and the reasons that have contributed to me being alone, and some ways that I've tried to not be alone. The ways I have tried include putting out major efforts that are worth something to other people whenever I can, specifically in the business realm where I have some confidence in my ability to bring noticeable / measureable benefits to folks. But, I don't see the return on what I give, and in fact I get awkward and negative results as a result. I attribute this in part to not being good at following up socially in my process of giving value to other businesspeople. If I were not so scared of making a mistake in my interactions with folks I'm engaging with, I'd probably have more incoming possibilities in return for my outgoing efforts.

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