AspieCast Episode 2: Losing Friends


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In this episode, I mention a longstanding pattern that was both subtle and mentally devastating. The pattern seemed to be that whenever I made a new friend, they would eventually - either after a couple days, weeks, months, or in some cases years - be turned off by me and not want to be around me, and in some cases not hiding behavior that conveyed strongly how they felt a need to ignore me.

The end result: I ended up over the long term having a pattern of avoiding interactions with people I considered successful or well connected, and being friends only with people who others would consider losers, and who weren't really the types who could be a part of connecting you to the world in ways that I saw other folks do, namely the ones I wanted to be friends with.

Take a listen - this show isn't too long - and then let me know by email if you have had any sort of similar situations when trying to make friends. and if so, did you find it to be a pattern and how did you deal with the loss of friends? If you are not an Aspie, let me know if you have felt compelled to start avoiding or ignoring someone who wanted to be your friend and what made you reach that point.

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