AspieCast Episode 5: The positive aspect of being able to see complex connections


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In episode 5 of the AspieCast, I mention what I believe to be an Aspie trait that has positive ramifications, namely the ability to sense connections between intangible concepts. I always thought everyone could see the same connections that I could see, but over time I have come to believe that the average NT person may not have the same thought flow that enables this.

I mention a made up example of a pair of intangible concepts that an Aspie might be good at finding a connection between, and also some examples of the connections that I have been able to see and implement in my career.

I also mention that this advantage - the ability to make connections between concepts that others may not sense - is confidence building and career enhancing, but at the same time can result in overconfidence which, when coupled with aspie style interactions, can add negativity to interactions with others.

I have come to love the TV show "Monk" because although the main character, Adrian Monk, is not given a description as an Aspie in the show, his interactions with his friends and colleagues is highly Aspie-like. The show's main premise is centered on Monk's ability to make connections that others can't see, and thereby solve complex crimes as a detective working in San Francisco.

There are more aspects of the show Monk that I'll be touching on in future podcast episodes, primarily because I believe the show to be very uplifting and affirming of life with an affliction such as Asperger Syndrome. If you haven't yet watched an episode, look it up on the internet or visit a link I just created to Amazon:

As always, please feel free to email me at with your comments, suggestions, and most especially any life experiences you would like to share.


Steven Michael

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