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  1. Pleasure of Love by Tom Tom Club on Tom Tom Club (Sire Records)
  2. Dance by ESG on Come Away With Esg (Moody Records)
  3. Gut Feeling by DEVO on Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo / Devo Live (Virgin Records)
  4. Taker by DIIV on Taker (Captured Tracks)
  5. Be All Things by Chelsea Wolfe on Be All Things (Sargent House)
  6. Spell Cast by Rare DM on Vanta Black (Rare DM)
  7. Millionária by ROSALÍA on Fucking Money Man (Columbia Records)
  8. Heaven's Gate Path by XUXA SANTAMARIA on Chancletas D'Oro (Ratskin Records)
  9. Features Creatures - The Knife Remix by Björk, The Knife on Features Creatures (One Little Indian Records)
  10. Cold Café by Karen Marks on Cold Café (Efficient Space)
  11. The Force by Nancy Nova on The Force In Heaven (Plaza Records)
  12. Contort Yourself by james chance on Irresistable Impulse (Tiger Style)
  13. C.L.I.T. by Eartheater on Irisiri (PAN)

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