AstroTwin Ophira Edut of AstroStyle reps as Classic Sagittarius


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It's Sagittarius season so who better to bring the Sage-wisdom than multi-versal and versatile modern mystic-astrologer-writer-soulpreneur-feminist-dachshund loving Centaur, Ophi Edut who you may know as one of two parts AstroTwin from AstroStyle.

"Loved talking to @Astro_AllStarz about the traits of a "classic Sagittarius" on her awesome podcast. Tune in for Centaur sister-talk on entrepreneurship, why we love working on holidays & the neuroscience behind smiling - a Sagittarius secret weapon." - Ohira Edut

Join us for a sag romp through;

★ Lucky comp wins

★ International media, philosophical Sag in full flight

★ A current celebrity astro twin of the Astro Twins

★ A Sag hack to happiness & high vibes

★ And why Sagittarius often lands on their feet (when one foot isn't in their mouth of course-or is that tongue in cheek...)

★ Ophi shares sage-atarius wisdom for baby Saggos, and those who love them

★ We talk biz tips from 30 years of experience and so much more

-- Ophi is a delight with insight --- Let's dive in and get a feel for the Sag vibe, take some notes and see if you can pick out at least one thing to take on board from #saggo life.

If you resonate don’t hesitate;

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Resident astrologer for Glamour magazine, consulting astrologer, and author, I'm based in Burleigh Heads by the beach, Queensland, Australia. Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, my work navigates the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel.

My motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world.

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