Tony Howard of Astrology University reps as Classic Virgo


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For this inaugural episode, since we're launching in Virgo season on the full moon in mystic Pisces, I have a special treat to kick of season one.

Today I have with me Astrologer and Modern Mystic, Tony Howard. As the founder of Astrology University and Fresh Voices in Astrology, and rocks 6 planets in Virgo to give us the inside lane! This episode is for Virgos and those that love and appreciate them. Astrology enthusiasts, learn more depth about what motivates Virgo, what makes them tick, and how to navigate the pitfalls of being so detail and service-oriented.

If you haven’t discovered Tony yet this is a must-listen episode. We talk business models, ethics, inclusivity and so much more.

I am inspired by Tony in so many ways that are important to me and resonate with my highest values. Leading by example, Tony reminds me to do and be my best, to work in service of the greater good and so much more.

If you want to learn astrology do check out his 4-year course. I believe in the value of solid education in astrology. And he houses some of the best and most experienced teachers available as well as twice-yearly summits and regular workshops, all available online.

If you resonate, don't hesitate;

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