Ep. 446: Animals in Space Pt. 2: Mice and Other Small Animals


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Last week we talked about how the smallest creatures behave in space, but now we move up in size a little to small animals, like mice. What missions have they flown on, and how does microgravity affect their biology? We usually record Astronomy Cast every Friday at 1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT/ 20:30 PM UTC (8:30 GMT). You can watch us live on AstronomyCast, or the AstronomyCast YouTube page. If you would like to support Astronomy Cast, please visit our page at Patreon here - https://www.patreon.com/astronomycast. We greatly appreciate your support! If you would like to join the Weekly Space Hangout Crew, visit their site here and sign up. They're a great team who can help you join our online discussions! If you'd like to join Fraser and Paul Matt Sutter on their tour to Iceland in February 2018, you can find the information at astrotouring.com. We are getting very excited for the AstronomyCast Solar Eclipse Escape, where you can meet Fraser and Pamela, plus WSH Crew and other fans. Right now we're at capacity, but you can join the waiting list in case spaces open up by emailing us at astronomycast@gmail.com with Eclipse Waiting List in the subject line! Download the show [MP3] | Jump to Shownotes | Jump to Transcript This episode is sponsored by: Casper Show Notes Show notes here Transcript Transcription services provided by: GMR Transcription Astronomy Cast Episode 446: Animals in Space; Mice and Other Small Animals. Welcome to Astronomy Cast, our weekly fact-based journey through the cosmos where we help you understand not only what we know but how we know what we know. My name is Fraser Cain. I’m the publisher of Universe Today. With me is Dr. Pamela Gay, the Director of Technology and Citizen Science at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Director of CosmoQuest. Hey, Pamela. How are you doing? Pamela: I’m doing well. How are you doing? Fraser: Great. So, good news everybody. We have our Patreon. Pamela: It’s true. Fraser: I set up my Patreon for Universe Today I think three years ago now, a little over three years ago, and people were like, “When are you gonna set one up for Astronomy Cast?” The reality is that sort of the way donations worked with the way CosmoQuest and Astrosphere– Pamela: Things have evolved. It’s that simple. Fraser: Right. It was a very complicated situation. Now things are simpler and, most importantly, we have our Patreon Campaign. So, if you go to Patreon.com/astronomycast, you can see our brand new Patreon Campaign which, right now, there are zero patrons, zero dollars per month. Pamela: Help. Fraser: Help. Right. So, I want to specifically tell you what happens here. We spend money for Chad, who’s our Editor, and Susie, who’s our producer, and our web server, which is unnamed but maybe should need a name, as well as other expenses that we go through and of course you don’t take a salary from this. I don’t take a salary from this, but we want to make sure the Susie and Chad and the other people who are on the team get their expenses covered. So, if you can participate on our Patreon that would be gigantic. We’ve got some really interesting rewards. Pamela just put up the heart. I’m just gonna show people what the Patreon looks like. Astronomy Cast is creating your facts-based journey through the cosmos, also podcasts, and videos. So, we’ve got a bunch of levels. I think Pamela – Yeah, Pamela said online office hours with Pamela once a – what at the $5.00 level. So, you just come. She’ll be like marking papers and then you can come in and hang out and ask her all of your homework questions. Pamela: Yeah. We’re gonna start doing that roughly weekly when I’m in town and when our show is active. So, support us. Come pick my brain a little more than you already do. Fraser: I may or may not come and hang out. That’s just another time commitment, but anyway, I think it’s great. I think it’s great that Pamela is there. So,

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