At Length with Neal Stephenson, "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell"


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Neal Stephenson is the award winning speculative fiction, science fiction writer. His work is steeped in math, philosophy, technology and science. His latest book is a meditation on living in a digital world, perhaps forever. It is called, “Fall; or, Dodge in Hell.”

Neal Stephenson speaks at Town Hall 7:30, Monday June 3rd 2019. Some tickets were still available as of Monday June 3rd.

Neal Stephenson thinks a great deal about the future. He even holds the title of futurist in one of the companies he consults for, Magic Leap. But he is very much grounded in the science and technology of the present. Before he became a successful and multiple award winning writer, he was the first employee of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s Rocket ship company. He did a lot of hand work and hauling but surely working there kept him imagining the future.

In Stephenson’snew novel, “Fall; or ,Dodge in Hell,” the billionaire Richard “Dodge” Forthrast is left suddenly braindead. But rich person that he is, Dodge’s scanned brain ends up in an eternal digital afterlife.

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