The Atheist Experience 25.47 11-21-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Shannon Q


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SHOW NOTES In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Shannon Q First up today is Mr. Warlight from AK who wants to question the host’s views on spirituality. Just like last week, the caller has nothing to present. Mohammed from NE believes that spirits are not tangible, but internal conceptual projections of a person’s mind. Since we can’t tell whether those projections are actually related to the existence of spirits or just a part of a person’s imagination, how does this help us prove that spirits truly exist in reality? Next is Setuf from Spain who doesn’t understand the point the of Violinist analogy. It’s about bodily autonomy, not consent as consent can be revoked. Up next from California is Raul who has a question regarding free speech versus free action. As the conversation unfolds, the caller’s points begin to drift towards the advocation of thought crimes. Next is Rob from VA who claims that emotions are irrational. Our hosts respond that emotions themselves are not necessarily either rational or irrational, but are reactions to stimuli. How we reach those emotions and handle them is what makes them and our responses either rational or otherwise. Next up is Simo from Canada who asks why rape can be considered wrong across the past, present, and future in a subjective moral system. Isn’t it better to be able to present an evidence-based justification for why something is wrong rather than just assert “it is”? Next is Tony from AK who is struggling to come to terms with the process of deconversion without feeling like they are betraying the church. Up next is Your Truly from Canada who calls in to assert that the Bible doesn’t advocate for slavery when it very clearly does and has been covered ad nauseam. Next is Eric from KS who wants advice on how to remain patient during conversations with dishonest theists. Take notes and call them out as they create new inconsistencies. Our final caller is Sabien from TX who wants to know if it is fair to judge theists if free will does not exist?

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