Truth Wanted 03.41 11-13-2020 with ObjectivelyDan and Abdullah Sameer


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Good evening Truth Seekers. ObjectivelyDan is back in the host chair with our special guest, Abdullah Sameer. Abdullah is an ex-muslim activist and and hosts a website of all his appearances on podcasts, shows, or his blogs. Check it out at First caller tonight, Autumn in CA is a new atheist activist and asks how to differentiate Islamaphobia or valid criticisms of Islam. Keep in mind that Islam is not a race and when you criticize Islam, you are addressing an ideaology. Feel free to step outside the focus of your YouTube channel and criticize Islam. Maya from the Caribbean asks how Abdullah has experienced how islamic families treat their deaf children. She works with deaf people and has seen that hindu and islam families tend to hide away their deaf children and won’t communicate with them. Abdullah has not experienced that, sadly humans do stuff like that. Adrian in TX argues for the existence of a deistic god. Dan starts off accepting the 1st premise but can’t accept the fine tuning argument for god. Nature may have the APPEARANCE of fine tuning, we don’t agree that things ARE finely tuned. Doesn’t a deistic god not interfere with nature? Scott in PA was prompted to call after listening to Adrian’s call. Scott thinks the fine tuning argument is bunk and goes on to talk about how we evolved along with our ecosystem. There are many examples of places just on this planet that are uninhabitable by humans, let alone the entire universe. Our last caller tonight, Catholic Traditionalist in LA asks if the hosts are hard or soft atheists. Adbullah identifies as a weak atheist, we are open to evidence to change our minds. CT fails to trap Dan in a weird semantics definition of logic, trying to poke holes in logic. That's all the Truth for this week! Remember to keep wanting the truth. Stay safe out there, wear your masks!

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