Truth Wanted 04.46 11-19-2021 with Puck and Krafty Keelah


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Welcome back to Truth Wanted! Tonight Puck’s special guest is Krafty Keelah. First up is Walt, who has a Theory of Everything predicated on assumptions and conjecture. While this is a great conversation to have over a beer, Walt’s hourglass hypothesis is just that, a hypothesis. Speculation and curiosity are the parents of discovery, do some tests and get back to us! Second we have Jason from Indiana, who’s had some tough conversations with fellow mental health professionals promoting pseudoscience and homeopathy. Krafty offers some great tips on how to maintain professional integrity in a field that doesn’t always have a yes or no answer. Next up is Jon in Canada, who believes that vaccine mandates violate bodily autonomy, and wants to draw a comparison with abortion. Krafty wisely points out that a person’s choice to have an abortion does not put public health at risk, there’s a huge difference there. Jon equates regulation to communism, and our hosts take a few minutes slapping that argument around. Spicoli in Florida offers an interesting perspective on how toxic nationalism contributes to vaccine hesitancy and other social issues. Krafty has some great commentary on how any myopic worldview is dangerous, and offers a uniquely Irish perspective on American exceptionalism. Muhammed wants to ask our hosts about morality and legality, is it wrong to steal to feed your family? What values trump others? How do we decide what’s most important? This is a great conversation about how we as individuals and societies decide what matters to us. Tony in Mexico thinks that pharmaceutical companies may be disguising side effects in the interests of profit. While our hosts agree that profit is huge to these corporations, they also point out that these companies are competing against each other to have the “best” vaccine, and if money is their big motivator, it’s in their best interest (and ours) to minimize harms from their product. Finally, Steven is going to talk about Christian mental health services. Krafty, coming from a very religious nation, talks about how excluding any method in favour of one that espouses your favourite imaginary friend is unethical. That’s our show tonight folks! Keep seeking veracity through tenacity and perspicacity!

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