EP 422 - How To Mentor Yourself As A Young Athlete


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We can't all get physical mentors. At some point we need to mentor ourselves. We need to take our destiny in our own hands and do what we have to do to see progress in our career. Thats what we break down in this episode. How you as a young athlete can mentor yourself. At least during certain spells in your career before you get a proper mentor. Mentors are important without a doubt but what happens when we can't get those mentors. Do we sit and do nothing? No! The work goes on. Enjoy If you find this episode helpful, share it with a fellow athlete to help them on their quest to achieve their sports goals. There are a ton of podcasts you could listening to right now but you chose Athlete Maestro. What should I talk about next? Please let me know on twitter or in the comments below Subscribe for FREE lessons on Itunes: athletemaestro.com/itunes If you found anything useful on the podcast, please leave a RATING AND REVIEW so other young athletes like yourself can find and benefit from the podcast. To learn how to SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A RATING on the show, head to www.athletemaestro.com/subscribe. For more on Athlete Maestro visit athletemaestro.com If you have any questions, feel free to send an email tola@athletemaestro.com Get the Athlete Maestro Daily Planner, www.athletemaestro.com/dailyplanner Find me on social media Instagram - @tolaogunlewe Twitter - @tolaogunlewe Thanks for tuning in.

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