The Pageantry of Gwar


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In this episode we discuss:
  • How ears are receptors
  • More evidence that baseball is dying
  • And why we are its savior
  • J-Lo is a you tube star too?
  • Niche Christmas light porn
  • A new Real or Fake installment
  • The post office killed my dad
  • The most useless app
  • HR Courtney is a true fan
  • Masculine dates
  • The Psuedo scout names his team
  • Yawn
  • Welcome to the family
  • Demon Blood
  • And other things
  • The Barney show on acid
  • Stephanie is the real wizard
  • J-Lo’s vampire friends
  • Swag wonders if he matters
  • A strange dinner companion
  • It sounds weird….
  • Because it IS weird
  • Acid in the bathroom
  • Geriatric hair bands
  • Partying with blue-hairs
  • White Claw mayhem
  • A face plant

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