AOF - Episode 37


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Show agengda: The Incredibles x The Avengers Crossover Fan Fiction, Fictional Name Swaps - Harrys and Sams, Joint Top 3 Favourite Non-Comic Villians

We open the show with what Seb eloquently stated was "Mass Mole Murdering Mayhem" as The Incredibles and The Avengers team up to deal with the Underminer. This resulted in some cannon fodder moles messing with the wrong group of women. The only person sadder than those moles is Quicksilver, who can't catch a break while eating some pop tarts.

The middle of the show sees us trying out a brand new segment tentatively called Fictional Name Swaps. The idea is we take two people with the same name and swap the universes they appear in. This week we swap Harry Potter and Harry Houdini, and see Houdini would handle being the boy who lived. We also ambitiously took on a Sam threeway - Samwise Gamgee, Samwell Tarly, and Sam Fisher. Fisher's secret service training clearly makes him the best of the fictional Sams, but will he survive in the other Sam's worlds?

Finally, Brandon and Seb pull out a Joint Top 3 Favourite Non-Comic-book villians. Both great lists, and we both had the same number one! Can you guess who it was?

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