Attention - 2 - TEK - EP012 - Chuck Joiner (The Voice & Face of MacVoices)


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Attention - 2 - TEK Show Notes

Episode: 12

Date: 05/20/21

Host: Clay Russell

Guest: Chuck Joiner

Guest Bio

  • Tell us a little about yourself

TEK Questions

  • How did your relationship with technology begin?

  • Tell us about your devices, why you chose them & how you use them.

    • Laptop/Desktop

    • Mobile Computing

    • Gaming Tech

    • Tech in the Car

    • Tech in the Home

  • How do you envision technology shaping your future?

  • What about technology scares you?

  • What about technology excites you?

  • What about technology is still lacking ?

Apps & Services

  • Your Top 3 apps or services

  • Subscriptions worth paying for?

  • If you could develop your own app.....

CEO Role Play

  • As CEO of Google, I would...

  • As CEO of Apple, I would...

  • As CEO of Microsoft, I would...

  • As CEO of Amazon, I would...

  • As CEO of Facebook, I would...


  • Imagine you had a week with no appointments, no responsibilities, no interruptions, and no technology. If money was no object, how would you spend your week?

How to Reach Our Guest

How to Reach Our Host

In Closing

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