Ep. 035 - Reading with Patrick


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Welcome to Attorney Heart, the podcast focused on bringing awareness to and promoting attorney well-being!

In the next Attorney Heart episode, Michelle Kuo (attorney, professor, and author) shares her story of how she worked as a teacher in Helena, Arkansas for Teach for America.

During her term as a teacher Michelle decided to go to law school and while at Harvard Law School she faced a life-changing experience. One of her former students whom she really cared about and admired, Patrick, killed someone. Michelle returned to Arkansas to visit Patrick while he was in jail.

It was under these circumstances that Michelle and Patrick formed a unique friendships and bond. Michelle’s book, Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship, takes you on a journey from desperation to hope and inspiration.

Michelle is an amazing story-teller and this is part of what makes her book incredibly powerful.

We also discuss how Michelle aims to maintain balance in light of a very busy schedule. She is often traveling to the U.S. from the American University of Paris where she is a Professor in the History, Law and Society Program.

Highly recommend this awesome episode, I hope you enjoy it!


If you would like to connect with Michelle, you can reach her here:

Twitter: @Kuokuomich

Website: https://www.michellekuo.net/contact-2/


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Fernando Flores has been a trial and appellate attorney for over 10 years. He graduated from UC Berkeley with Sociology and Rhetoric degrees and then studied at UC Davis Law School where he obtained his J.D. Fernando founded iMATER NOW to help fellow attorneys live happier, healthier lifestyles and he provides resources and information on the topic through the Attorney Heart Podcast. Apart from being an attorney, Fernando is a High Performance Coach for Attorneys and Law Firms and a Speaker at Law Schools.

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