Audio Dungeon: Riddles In The Dark | EP 10 - Founder's Day


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Town of Nelkins' Valley is celebrating their annual spring festival as the mountain snow has melted, paying homage to their founder who once led his people out of a horrible snowed-winter in the mountain. But this year is special as it is the centennial, and the towns' people wanted to know more about their admired leader! How did he get the peg-leg depicted in the center town statue? They exploited their last option and called in the world's greatest diviner of information, Penarius. Days passed as he meditated in front of the statue, after waking from the trance he proclaimed, "The story is too terrible to be told, this town is cursed, you should all move, These buildings should be raised and the grounds salted!" . How did Nelkins lose his leg??

ONLY yes or no questions will be answered. There’s 10 minutes on the clock for the crew to work together to solve this Riddle in the Dark….

Special Guests: Founder of Ross Brewery John Cocozza & audio engineer Liam Lynch Follow John Cocozza on Instagram @therealbossross | Follow Liam Lynch on Instagram @liamlynchmusic

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