Expat Chat Ep 21 - Expat Financial Jargon


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Welcome to our twenty first episode of #Expatchat where we discuss the latest tax and financial issues affecting an #Australianexpat. We searched through the comments that expats have made on previous episodes and one of the requests was to discuss the financial jargon that goes along with providing Australian expat financial advice. If you like the content make sure you let us know by hitting the thumbs up and subscribing as well as providing some feedback in the comments below. Atlas Wealth Management is a specialist in providing tax financial planning advice to every Australian #expat. Whether you are based in Asia, the Middle East, Europe or the Americas, we have the experience in providing wealth management and planning services to the expatriate community. Atlas Wealth Management was born out of the demand from expats who wanted a financial adviser to help them navigate the tax and financial maze of living abroad as well as assisting them make the most out of their time overseas. To find out more about Atlas Wealth Management and how we can help Australian expats please go to https://www.atlaswealth.com. Make sure you connect with us on our respective social media channels: Facebook: www.facebook.com/atlaswealthmgmt Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/atlas-wealth-management Twitter: www.twitter.com/atlaswealthmgmt Instagram: www.instagram.com/atlaswealthmgmt

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