Accumulating 15 Properties in 6 Years With Sanders Muleya


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Join us as we have a chat with Sanders Muleya, successful property investor and buyer's agent of MSISA Property and Consulting. Born in Zimbabwe, Sanders Muleya worked as a nurse there until he moved to Australia in 2004 to carve out a new future for himself and his family, where he made his first purchase two years into settling into Australia which he later made readjustments to in order to bring in more income.

Learn in this episode of Property Investory about how after some mistakes and educating himself on property investing, Sanders Muleya managed to achieve incredible success, acquiring 15 properties over the course of six years. Come along with us as we learn about the many different property investing courses Muleya enrolled in, his excellent advice when it comes to property investing, his “aha” moment when he made $280,000 profit from a property, whether he found it necessary to keep his nursing job or not after his success in property and much, much more!

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