The Selling of a Farm for 13.6 million with Andrew Allen


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We're back in this episode of Property Investory with Andrew Allen, successful buyer's agent of Allen Real Estate and property investor. Join us as we delve into the criteria he looks for when purchasing properties using the buy and hold strategy and how the station his family grew up on, which makes use of various income sources, sold for 13.6 million, and the types of issues that can be encountered when you own a sheep and cattle farm. Learn how you can consistently buy properties and build your portfolio, the premium a good school catchment can be worth, and preferences of people with a certain level of purchasing power when it comes to buying properties for rental income.

In addition, we'll be exploring how purchasing two or three smaller rental properties or purchasing one large rental property compare, the important attitude you need towards negative gearing when it comes to obtaining a high-quality property and how crucial renovation and developments are for increasing property value. Come along with us as we chat about when to look to development deals to maximise yields, how Andrew Allen accumulated his knowledge of property investing, the personal habits that have contributed to his success and much, much more!

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