The Coffin Confessor spills people’s secrets from beyond their graves


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CONTENT WARNING: this episode discusses suicide, sexual abuse and assault.

Private investigator and entrepreneur Bill Edgar had a traumatic childhood. Childhood sexual assault, life on the streets and a stint in Brisbane’s notorious Boggo Road Jail with some of Australia’s worst criminals, Bill found many ways to survive. In adulthood, Bill has built a loving home and family life with his wife Lara and their children and grandchildren.

He’s a voice for the voiceless and has carved a unique position for himself as “The Coffin Confessor” where he attends funerals on behalf of the deceased and tells their secrets from the grave. Bill has had thousands of requests from around the world for his services.

It’s a one-of-a-kind job and as you’ll discover Bill is an extraordinary man.

Bill has detailed his extraordinary life journey in his autobiography The Coffin Confessor.

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