ALAB: 080 Mindfulness and Spiritual Awareness When Creating with Pascale Kavanaugh


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In this episode with Pascale, she shares her intriguing story about how NaNoWriMo got her career started. She shares her many interests and how they tie into her author career. Learn some her best tips on how to tap into that inner creative to get the best stories out of you as a writer.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:
  • Pascale talks about her many interests and how she ended up writing thru NaNoWriMo
  • She dives into the starting point of her characters speaking to her to tell their story
  • Learn how mindfulness and spiritual awareness ties into the success of one’s creativity
  • Find out how to discover what success means to you
  • Learn how to find your rhythm in your creativity to be most successful
  • The best questions to ask yourself to learn more about who you are as an artist
  • Learn how Pascale is able to write what people call the best sex scenes
  • Catch her best advise for authors who are still trying to find themselves
  • Hear about her latest book series
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