ALAB 059: Writing Your Story Your Way with Sacha Fortune


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Sacha Fortuné, and she writes what she calls "real-life romance". Her "Hart & Cole" characters are her longest relationships. She’s written three books in the series so far, and has at least two more planned for completion and publication by 2020.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • What happens after the fireworks in romance writing.
  • Having the 'reader high' last beyond the book.
  • Finding your audience with non-typical stories.
  • Figuring out your role and what you're doing it for - what does success look like to you.
  • How your writing voice changes the more you write.
  • Mental preparation for "writer's self-doubt".
  • Picking social media platforms to focus on rather than doing them all (badly).
  • And more...

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