ALAB 067: How to Write & Market Your Memoir with Rachael Herron


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In this episode with Rachael Herron, we chat about how to write your story--your memoirs--in a way that appeals to readers. She tells us how to capitalize on sharing the little moments in your life so they resonate with people, and ultimately, with your fans.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • Why it’s important to finish your manuscripts--so you can edit!
  • The perks of being a hybrid author (traditional AND self-pub)
  • How to write your memoir in a way that it becomes a story and appeals to readers
  • Her book, How to Fast Track Your Memoir
  • How to write a 6-word memoir
  • How to write the first draft of your memoir and be true to yourself
  • Why little moments are what memoirs are made of
  • How to easily market your memoir
  • Setting yourself up to make money from your memoir essays on her Patreon
  • Her podcasts, How Do You Write? and The Writer’s Well

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