ALAB 069: Bringing Your "Weird" to Your Writing with Molly Fitz


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In this episode with Molly Fitz (aka Melissa Storm), we talked about engaging your readers and working the algorithms, all while being your weird, authentic self and having fun.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • How she ran ads to the first book in pre-order and it became an Amazon bestseller
  • How she writes “weird” in her cozy mysteries, and readers love it
  • The benefits of publishing both traditional and indie
  • Why she’s transitioning her Melissa Storm to solely traditional publishing
  • Why you absolutely need to market your pre-order books
  • How to effectively run Bookbub ads
  • Why your cover art needs to be harmonized with the author you are targeting in Bookbub ads
  • Her cover artist, Lou Harper at Cover Affairs at
  • What readers love about you sharing your true, quirky self
  • Why every author benefits from having an abundance mindset
  • Where you can find her Cozy Mystery course at
  • How she completes her books so quickly

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