ALAB 070: Facebook Ads for Authors with Alana Terry


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This week I got to chat with the lovely Alana Terry about how she has created systems that ensure her success AND how she transformed her mindset around money and now uses Facebook Ads to put her books in front of readers and make consistent income.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • Why her second book was the hardest
  • How a conversation with her husband helped her with the emotional rollercoaster of being an indie author
  • How she uses ads to make her income more consistent
  • What mindset she stays in a positive mindset around money
  • Money mindset resources Barbara Stanny, Denise Duffeild-Thomas, Jen Sincero, The Abundance Code lady
  • The systems she uses to release between eight to ten books each year
  • How she started investing in paid ads
  • Beth Ann from Brilliant Business Moms at
  • How managing her ads gives her writing brain a rest
  • How she determines her Facebook ad audiences
  • Creative ways of targeting people who read your genre
  • The number of books you should have published to be effective with ads
  • What kind of graphics she uses for her ads
  • The must-haves to include in your ad headline
  • What to include in your ad description
  • The impact of confidence on your marketing success
  • Why your ad copy should NOT be about your plot

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