ALAB 073: Make Your Writing Your Business with Eliza Boyd


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In this episode with Eliza, she shares her challenges around transforming her writing as a hobby into writing as her business.

Here are just a few of the things we touched on:

  • What she did to start taking her author business seriously
  • How long it takes her to write a book and why she likes to be ahead of schedule
  • The benefits of sprinting with your fellow writers
  • The things she’s doing around marketing, and how it becomes fun
  • How to grow your newsletter subscribers with a lead magnet and swaps
  • Branding her series so her readers know what to expect
  • Her transition from pantsing to plotting
  • Why you need to take baby steps and ask questions
  • How she puts her authentic spin on writing to market
  • You need to have a solid why to keep you going when things get rough

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