ALAB 075: Shifting Mindset to Make Budget Marketing Work with Liesel Hill


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In this episode with Liesel, she shares greatest tips on marketing with a budget. She also tells us how she found her love for a specific genre, and how she has her writing process down to a science by using certain tools. Here are just a few of the things we touched on:
  • Liesel talks about her multiple pen names and multiple genres!
  • Learn how keeping your genres and pen names in check makes it easier for readers
  • Dabbling in so many genres, she’s found her official love for a specific genre
  • Find out her writing process which also includes dictation
  • Learn all about her tips and tricks using certain tools to read faster
  • Learn about Liesel’s best practices with marketing on a budget
  • Hear about her experience having audiobooks made on her books
  • Find out about her next idea for high fantasy series
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