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While looking for a way out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship, Amish Shah started doing affiliate marketing on top of his full-time job. Affiliate marketing led him to learn and a lot of unconventional marketing where he experienced having seven-figure returns in sales, jumpstarting his entrepreneurial career and allowing him to work full-time as an entrepreneur for the last 14 years.

Amish joins us today to share his story on how he was able to profit from affiliate marketing and the downward slope he went through despite having both riches and success. He also talks about the core system he developed called the RBMTO framework. Amish explains what each letter stands for and gives concrete examples of how to learn and apply each step in this philosophy that you can apply to your business or your personal life.

“[RBMTO] is the fastest path to growth hacking.” - Amish Shah

This week on the Hustle and Flow Chart Podcast:

  • What Amish did to automate and scale up the affiliate marketing part of his business
  • Why Amish sold the software he developed and used in affiliate marketing
  • Identifying the gap in the market and finding a way to bridge this gap
  • Amish’s latest business venture involving ancient wisdom, natural healing, and e-commerce
  • How his first expedition got sponsored by Travel Channel
  • Determining what RBMTO stands for and examples of ways to execute them
  • Defining growth hacking
  • Identifying the three core performance indicators from a marketing perspective
  • Using the RBMTO framework to figure out the roadblocks in your business

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