Adam Benaway SCCA Autocross National Champion talks racing with us


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Adam Benaway SCCA Autocross National Champion talks racing with us on this show.

Adam is the only champion so far in the 2 year old Solo Spec Coupe class. That is 2 national championship in 2 years.

He has been blazing fast each year. You will get to hear his thoughts on how his military training help him plan for and execute at Nationals.

You will hear how vehicles influenced his choice of Scout for the Military.

You can't miss the "Racing For Heros" stickers on his car. We chat about how this charity helps veterans and how you can help the charity.
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You will hear about his good friend and fellow fast autocrosser John Wolf who he met in the Military. Lots of Racing tips and thoughts in this episode along with some stories to get to know him better.

We also talk: ChampCar, Line Choice, Plan A and Plan B, mental game, rallycross, course walking as well....

We even talk Sri Lanka racing which looks like a lot of fun!

I had not thought about his thought of keeping a slight bit of load on the car at as much as possible even if only 10% throttle.

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