Zuby (Round 2): The Polarization of Social Media, The Genius of Kanye West, & Why Donald Trump Is Not a Fascist


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Today on Auxoro (@auxoro), I speak with Zuby (@zubymusic), a rapper, author, speaker, Oxford graduate, and host of his own podcast called Real Talk with Zuby. Of Nigerian descent, Zuby was born in England, was raised in Saudia Arabia, and is now based back in England.

2019 was a huge year for Zuby. He saw his Twitter following grow from 15,000 to over 175,000 people. He also appeared on some of the biggest podcasts and programs in the world including but not limited to: The Joe Rogan Experience, The Candace Owens Show, The Ben Shapiro Show, Sky News, The Rubin Report, Sargon of Akkad.

In early 2019, Zuby went viral on Twitter after posting a video of himself breaking the British Women’s Deadlift record. In this episode, we discuss Zuby’s travels across the US, the genius of Kanye West, the culture war in America & the UK, building a following on twitter, his journey through fitness, and more.

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