Avenue Red Podcast #089 - Simon (Backdrop)


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Stepping up for this fresh Avenue Red addition is yet another local Newcastle lad, Simon Leeks, who is co-boss of Newcastle outfit Backdrop. Simon and co have put on some monster events up here over the last couple of years, with some ace guests including Amir Alexander, Jane Fitz, Levon Vincent, Ethyl & Flori and Tama Sumo b2b Prosumer (All Night Long) among other noteworthy bookings. Simon has used this mix as an opportunity to make a sort of "megamix" out of THE underground cult techno release of 2016: Convextion's 2845 LP. He makes utility of this double 12" album as a planet of spacey futuristic sounds around which he throws into orbit some other spacey, deep and vibrant Techno/Electro inclusions. It makes for a very satisfying, trippy listen overall and a great package through which fans of 2845 can enjoy the album all over again in a fresh context. "I'd sent Alec two previous mixes, both of which were not appropriate for this podcast. Seeing as I run a fairly firm techno night, Backdrop, along with Fraser Pearston, Hester Cheuk and Joseph Clarke, I found this mix tough. However, I also found that the drive it gave me to search for tunes outside of my prime selection area/comfort zone to be really inspiring. I'd also like to say that we have a close marra, Sean Hodgson, currently laid up in hospital and this mix was done with him in mind. Thanks to Alec for putting this out, and you for listening - enjoy!" Simon Leeks, April 2017 https://soundcloud.com/simon-leeks Backdrop https://soundcloud.com/backdroplive https://www.residentadvisor.net/promoter.aspx?id=58418 https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/simonbackdrop

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