Avenue Red Podcast #090 - Edward Bei


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For Avenue Red 090 we present for the first time a DJ from Portugal, Edward Bei (real name Eduardo Vaz), who comes from the town of Famalicão near Braga in the north of the country. Also a graduate student of electronic music production and a keen sonic innovator, here Edward takes us on a trip through all kinds of lo-fi/garagey/deep/dubby House & Techno tunes. The mix flows like a dream and has some distinctly summery overtones. "I think one of the pleasures in DJ'ing are the little 'storylines' that you can create between two songs, and with the right choices, extend that story through the mix. And at the same time, being open to change the story completely. I'm from Northern Portugal and I played in cities like Porto, Vila Real and Castelo Branco (where I studied musical production), but the beautiful Lisbon is still missing from my DJ's curriculum vitae. Lately I've been mainly focused on production. I started making music from techno to ambient and experimental music under the name Blue Hand. Currently I'm working on my first releases around deep house and dub techno, and I think this mix reflects much of my inspiration. My influences started at the age of 15 with artists like Louie Vega and Frankie Knuckles. Nowadays I get much inspiration from artists like Fred P, Asok, Adham Zahran, Sven Weisemann and many more. And, of course, I have to include in my list these great podcasts with such great selections. Avenue Red has been giving me so much good food to my ears over the last few years, so I'm very glad be a part of it now :)" Edward Bei, May 2017 https://soundcloud.com/edwardbei https://soundcloud.com/bluehand7 https://bluehand.bandcamp.com/

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